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Excel Server 2010 Standard Edition

Excel Server is a diy tool for building an excel-based information system
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16 November 2014

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Excel Server is a diy tool for building an excel-based information system. It combines Excel and database. System built with Excel Server could be used by end-user in the environment of Excel, just in the same way as perform task on spreadsheets. It is designed for no programmers but Excel users, no VBA required.
The key features include:
Design templates, give meanings to cells on spreadsheet, so that end-user can operate on Excel worksheet and all the data on worksheet could be saved into database.
Set detailed permissions on template so that data could be shared across the organization with good balance between accessibility and security.
Design input controls, such as dropdown list, tree view, list view, and add GUI features to Excel worksheet.
Define Data-Weavers --- rules used to transfer data between database and Excel worksheet, weave data from different sources as a whole, generate report automatically.
Add workflow to template, define how an Excel worksheet could be transfered between users of different roles or in different department, and specify who is responsible for which part of a form.

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